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Flyer Distribution Service

Flyer Distribution Service is one of the best media & marketing solution providers that many marketers opt to use in the Klang Valley region.

Our key to success, is our approach to a close linkage with many newspaper agencies in the industry and engagement with our clients themselves. We provide five ways of advertising. These include Inkjet Printing, Offset Color Printing, Newspaper Insertion, Flyer Distribution Service, and Pocket Tissue Advertisement.

Flyer distribution service involves hand-to-hand distribution, photo taking, and mail drop. Our team strives to ensure that the service is quality and efficient.

Our inkjet printing services involve very low costs. Also, this approach gives our clients the highest potential feedback. Therefore, it will enhance the sales of our customers.

Offset color printing method is good for all types of documents. Besides, this technique is very economical, especially for high-volume print-runs. The method can be applied to produce different items like letterhead, business cards, postcard, and bill book among others.

Newspaper insertion technique is the most efficient direct advertising method that can effectively reach all target audience. Pocket Tissue advertising is also very efficient.

Try us today! Contact for a quotation now. Our promise is best service, best price, and best quality to all our customers


Leaflet Distribution Service

Leaflet Distribution by definition are the many ways of passing leaflets to people. First design a good leaflet then look for a company that is cost effective and distributes leaflets fast. If you live in Kuala Lumpur, is the best option.

Our many types of leaflets distribution services may includes.

Shared distribution is the most cost effective leaflet distribution method. Where more than one non-competing leaflets are delivered together. This method targets to postcode levels and gives exceptional results.

Solus distribution is another method where one leaflet is delivered and it is the best form of direct marketing using leaflets. You can deliver high-targeted campaign to specific demographics. Selected distribution is another method that distributes leaflet to customer’s home using social economic information for the area. has been running successful business and has varied expertise in a number of fields that includes leaflet distribution which you can ask for a quotation. Act now by contacting us for your leaflet distribution campaign

We provide five ways of advertising.These include Inkjet Printing, Offset Color Printing, Newspaper Insertion, Flyer Distribution Service, and Pocket Tissue.Leaflet delivery to whole Malaysia services available here. Call now 016-229 5131 to find out our best rate!

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